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Many bioinformatics systems and databases are not maintained over time (especially smaller and mid-sized projects) because they lack stable funding. This leads inevitably to the loss of important and useful resources and diminished return of publicly funded research. To remedy this situation the ELIXIR infrastructure is being developed. The mission of ELIXIR will be to construct and operate a sustainable infrastructure for biological information in Europe to support life science research and its translation to medicine and the environment, the bio-industries and society. The purpose of ELIXIR is to build a plan for a sustainable infrastructure for biological information in Europe. This plan focuses on generating stable funding for Europe’s most important publicly accessible databases of molecular biological information, and the development of a compute infrastructure that can cope with the biological data deluge. For more information visit

The INB has actively participated in the creation of ELIXIR and proposes the creation of the Spanish National Node of the European Bioinformatics Infrastructure. The mission of the INB-ELIXR node will be to act as transmitter of the ELIXIR developments for the  benefit of national genome projects, and to promote the use of INB systems and tools at European level. Together with the maintenance of core resources and training activities, the proposal for the INB-ELIXIR node is to: a) complement the European infrastructure of web-services, b) contribute to the European HPC infrastructure in Bioinformatics and connect with the European Structural Biology Infrastructure, c) establish the reference centre, for the assessment of bioinformatics methods, and d) lead the efforts connecting textual information and biological databases.