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Upcoming Spring Deadlines for Courses @ EMBL

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Dear Colleagues,

Registration is closing soon for the following courses. Don’t miss the chance to submit your application!

A limited number of fellowships and travel grants are available. Further information can be found on each individual course website.

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Advanced RNA-Seq Image

EBI Hands-on Training Course1 – 4 May 2012

Advanced RNA-Seq and ChiP-Seq Data Analysis

A chance to learn advanced data analysis methodologies and get training on the latest analytical approaches.

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6 March 2012

Target Genome Editing Image

EMBL Advanced Course8 – 10 May 2012

Targeted Genome Editing
Using Zinc Finger Nucleases

A hands-on 3 day course including lectures and in-depth discussions on the fundamentals of ZFNs.

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11 March 2012

Networks and Pathways Image

EBI Course 16 -18 May 2012

Networks and Pathways Bioinformatics
for Biologists

An opportunity to train on how to optimally explore and use protein-protein interaction bioinformatics resources.

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16 April 2012

Hybrid Structural Biology Image

EMBL Advanced Course 11 – 16 June 2012

Hybrid Structural Biology Approaches

Focusing on theoretical and experimental approaches to Small Angle X-ray Scattering, Macromolecular Crystallography, and Electron Microscopy.

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1 April 2012

Data Analysis Image

EMBL Advanced Course 27 – 29 June 2012

Whole Transcription Data Analysis

An introductory 3 day course for biologists looking to increase their knowledge of annotating, interpreting and analysing data.

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12 April 2012

Following MIQE Recommendation Image

EMBL Master Course 2 – 6 July 2012

Advanced qPCR Techniques
for Publication Success: Following MIQE Recommendation

Five days focusing, both pratically and theoretically, on the uses and approaches of quantitative RT qPCR.

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26 April 2012

Train Online Image

EBI Train Online Course

Array Express

The new course in the online series gives an introduction to the MicroArray Gene Expression Tabular format.

Upcoming Conferences @ EMBL Heidelberg





6 – 8 March 2012
EMBO Conference Series:
Visualizing Biological Data
26 February 2012
2 March 2012
14 – 16 May 2012

8th Annual BioMalPar I EVIMalaR Conference: Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite

13 March 2012
30 March 2012
13 – 16 October 2012
EMBO|EMBL Symposium: New Perspectives on Immunity to Infection
8 March 2012
12 April 2012
23 – 26 May 2012
EMBO Conference Series: Microtubules: Structure, Regulation and Functions
15 March 2012
12 April 2012

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